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"(Energy Environmental Review and Analysis) generally waits until all required filings are received before commencing its preconstruction review," Andrew Levi, environmental review manager, wrote in the Nov. 12 letter. "However, given the strong desire of the Department of Natural Resources and the Pollution Control Agency for the permittee to utilize winter construction to mitigate impacts, staff is filing this letter although there is a single filing outstanding." Enbridge is hoping to begin construction on its $2.9 million, 340-mile pipeline by the end of the year. Once construction begins, it should take six to nine months to complete. Once complete, the pipeline will replace the existing, aging Line 3 and ferry 760,000 barrels of oil (31.92 million gallons) per day from Alberta, Canada, to Enbridge's terminal in Superior, following a new route through much of northern Minnesota. The segments in Canada, North Dakota and Wisconsin are already complete. "With this construction authorization from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, just one final permit is needed for replacing Line 3, an essential maintenance project that will better protect Minnesota communities and the environment," Enbridge spokesperson Juli Kellner said in a statement Tuesday. The project still needs a stormwater construction permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The MPCA has until Dec. 23 to issue the permit, or 30 days after click now the U.S.

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